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Campaign Planning Services


Our Campaign Planning services actually encompass all of the other services that we offer here. Whether we perform the services for you or just help you develop a plan, we can provide you with the consulting you need to attack any Internet Marketing you want to tackle.


Project Planning

Our Campaign Planning includes elements and sub-plans for the following:

  • Review of your existing projects (i.e. website, off-line advertising,
  • Development of a website for your project
  • Implementation of E-mail Marketing
  • Implementation of Mobile Marketing
  • Implementation of Social Networking integration
  • Long Term SEO implementation for your website
  • Establishment of Newsletter Marketing Service for existing clients
  • Establishment and distribution of press releases and off-line media



Your Internet Marketing campaign can be as big or as small as you want and in most cases the size is determined by your budget. As part of our consulting services, we will asků What is your budget? This will tell us several things, but mainly it will let us know how large you want your campaign.


Top 10 items to consider when planning an Internet Marketing Campaign

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  1. Establish a reasonable and measurable goal for the plan – Although we all would like to become instant millionaires, you need to attempt that long term goal in segments. Realistic planning will help you achieve short term goals and help work towards longer goals in a realistic fashion.
  2. Determine when the plan will expire - You should always have an ending date for your campaigns. This if for a few reasons, but the main reason so that you know when you can review your efforts to determine if you campaign was successful or not.
  3. Determine your budget and stick to it – Common sense. If something new comes up during the integration of your campaign, just save it for the next so that you do not corrupt your results.
  4. Find someone who has been through a similar plan – Information is always king, and the more you know before you begin the better.
  5. Learn from others – Ask questions (or do some research) to find out what has worked for others and what has not worked.
  6. Keep it dynamic, adjustments may need to be made – If it does not take any additional funds, then making changes to your plan is fine. Just make sure that you note what changes were made and why.
  7. Always Follow-up and Follow-through – It is imperative that you monitor the progress of your campaign, and make sure that you respond to any requests it may generate. Within your plan, you should include those items to monitor and how to respond to potential client requests.
  8. Don’t set it and forget it – If you just let your campaign fly and hope for results without monitoring what is going on, you might as well just not invest into the campaign.
  9. If it fails, learn from your mistakes – if you do not get your expected results, and you are monitoring what is taking place, you will know what to fix in future campaigns.
  10. Plan on trying it again – The Internet is a dynamic (always changing) entity, so Internet Marketing should be dynamic and ongoing. You can never have too many fans on your Facebook page, too many contacts in your e-mail lists, or too many visitors to your website. So Always plan on repeating your efforts in the future.
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