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E-mail Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Still one of the backbones in the Internet Marketing industry is e-mail marketing. Although the perception is that this is a simple marketing method, there are many steps that need to be monitored and followed correctly to have a successful campaign. Here at we can help you with planning and implementation of a e-mail marketing campaign that will achieve the highest ROI that you can possibly achieve.


Project Planning

What should be in your plan? Well, a plan can be a simple as a piece of paper outlining what you want to accomplish up to a detailed plan outlining your goals with estimates and assessments built into it. For a small business owner, a simple outline with goals is fine enough. We can work with you to put these together; however, your plan should include (at least) the following:

  1. What is your realistic and measurable goal (i.e., 30 new clients, $1000.00 in new sales, sell 40 units). Of course everyone would love to have millions of dollars in sales… but let’s do a reality check here… slow and steady wins the race.
  2. Based on your goal, you can then break down to mini goals… (i.e. 10 new clients week 1, 5 new clients week 2)…
  3. How many messages will be sent during the campaign?
  4. Who will be designing the e-mail messages?
  5. What is the target start date and completion date?



How much will it cost? Well, hard to say unless you have a plan put together. But some of the costs you can predict are the costs for your e-mail service. The pricing for these services are based on the number of e-mail addresses you have recorded. For example, Constant Contact charges $15/month for 500 or less e-mail addresses.

Some other costs would be the development of your templates (unless you do this yourself), the cost to have your e-mails converted (unless you do this yourself), and maybe some costs associated with planning and consulting.

A good rule of thumb would be to expect about $65-$135 per campaign, plus your monthly service fees for your e-mail marketing service.


Top 10 Checklist to Get You Started with E-mail Marketing

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  1. Begin collecting e-mail addresses – either at your business, through contacts, even begin with your friends and family. At least you should be collecting their first name, last name, and e-mail address. Be sure that those addresses you collect, they know you will be e-mailing them.
  2. Record your addresses electronically - You can do this in a database or in a spreadsheet; however, e-mail campaigns are electronic, so at some point you will have to get that list in the computer. If you have your service already, upload your e-mail list to your service.
  3. Review your list for errors – You want to make sure that when you are converting your names into an electronic format, there are very minimal errors. Those contacts are worth and ROI rate of about $5 a piece, so to lose a contact due to typographical errors would be a costly mistake.
  4. Find a service for e-mail marketing – You really do not want to use a standard e-mail client for your e-mail marketing campaign. You really want to find services that can help you design, control, implement, and monitor your efforts so you know what works and what does not work. We have had great success and highly recommend Constant Contact.
  5. Develop a campaign plan – With marketing, the rule of thumb is to get the client to the next level. With sales, you continue the process generating more income from the same client, so e-mail marketing is the same. Plan out what you want to do, what your goal will be, and what you will do if you achieve that goal. Having a road map that leads the client or new client towards the contact with you or a new sale is always the goal, but building repeat sales is a key to a successful plan. You campaign should have a list of what messages you need to create and when they should be sent.
  6. Create your templates – After you have established your campaign, you are going to want to create your e-mail messages ahead of time. This way, once you implement the campaign you can schedule the days you want them to be sent. Most e-mail marketing services will allow you to create these templates and have them stored on their service.
  7. Run a test – Always, always, always… run a test of your messages. You need to see what your client (or potential client) will be seeing before you send them out.
  8. Schedule your plan – At this point you should have a plan, your templates, your provider, your list and are ready to go… this will lead you to #9.
  9. Implement your plan – Let it run.
  10. Monitor your success – Important item number 10 here. Should you just fire off your message and cross your fingers and hope? You would be surprised how many people do this. You are never done… you need to go in and check the stats. How many were sent, who clicked on links, did you get a new sale… and probably take notes for your next campaign.
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